Ryder is a cycling accessories brand, which started in South Africa in 1996 with the local development and manufacturing of water bottles. This was followed by cycling helmets and puncture protection products such as tyre liners, sealant and tyre levers.

Today Ryder prides itself on sourcing and obtaining quality and practical cycle accessories form around the world at the lowest possible prices.

Ryder is owned by Omnico, one of the leading cycle and accessory distributors in South Africa with brands like Cannondale, GoPro, Bell, Giro, Stages and many more. The key to our success is built on the relationships that Omnico (Ryder) has developed with various manufacturers who themselves manufacture for many well-known premium brands. All of our products are sourced according to market needs and are extensively tested to ensure they are suitable for our consumers.

After 20 years, Ryder is undoubtedly the leading cycle accessory brand in South Africa - and we are now in a position to supply these products to cycling communities throughout the world.

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